Lifetime warranty policy

STEPHAN/H's quality standards are very high. All products are subject to very rigorous research and development. From design to manufacture, the know-how of the STEPHAN/H team is beyond reproach. The high-quality materials used as well as the assembly processes allow STEPHAN/H to guarantee the quality and performance of all its professional products.


What is the scope of STEPHAN/H's lifetime warranty?

STEPHAN/H is proud to guarantee the quality and performance of all its professional products to the original buyer against defects in material and workmanship, and this for the entire lifetime of the product.

If a problem occurs and it is covered by the warranty, STEPHAN/H will repair the garment free of charge or replace it. The best solution will be chosen after having assessed the product. The warranty applies to manufacturing defects.

Thus, damame to a STEPHAN/H product resulting from an incident, poor maintenance, negligence, or normal wear and tear is excluded from the warranty. Products that have been altered, modified or from which the inside labels have been removed are not covered by the warranty.

It is possible to have repaired at a reasonable price products that are damaged and whose repair is excluded from the warranty. STEPHAN/H will assess the various possibilities and come to an agreement with the customer before proceeding with the repair.

For occupational health and safety reasons, we ask that all products sent to STEPHAN/H be cleaned. If the products arrive in our workshop without having been cleaned, the costs incurred for their cleaning will be charged to the customer.

If you have any questions about the warranty, please contact a member of the STEPHAN/H customer service team at service@stephanh.com.


What is the lifetime of the product?

The lifetime of the product corresponds to the period during which the product can meet the specifications set forth by STEPHAN/H under conditions of normal use by its original owner. It is not your own lifespan, but that of your product, and this depending on the use that you make of it.


What is considered normal wear and tear?

STEPHAN/H manufactures its garments according to the highest industry standards. However, our products will wear out over time, no matter how well maintained they are. It is therefore quite normal to see signs of wear and tear gradually appear as you wear and clean them. The frequency of use and type of conditions to which the garment is subjected will also influence its lifetime.

The said normal wear and tear is also taken into account when we assess the validity of the warranty of your product. As a result, it is sometimes necessary to face the fact that the garment has simply reached the end of its useful life.

When the time comes to replace your product, we hope that you will renew your confidence in STEPHAN/H.


What is excluded from the warranty?

STEPHAN/H's lifetime warranty does not cover tears and other damage resulting from an incident, poor maintenance, or negligence. Despite all your precautions, when you are in the thick of it, your garments may very well get damaged. When this happens, we offer a repair service at a reasonable cost.

Each case will be analyzed by our team of specialists, and we will contact you to discuss your options.


Do I need to clean my garment before sending it to STEPHAN/H?

You must clean your garment before sending it to STEPHAN/H. The purpose of this it to protect the health and safety of our team.

If you fail to clean the garment, additional cleaning costs will apply. After that, we can perform the assessment of your product. The processing time for your claim will therefore be extended.

We encourage you to follow the instructions on the care label of your garment to clean it thoroughly.


Do STEPHAN/H products retain their warranty if they are modified or altered?

Modifying or altering your STEPHAN/H product will void the warranty.


If I notice a problem with my garment, will it be repaired or replaced by STEPHAN/H?

Depending on the nature of the problem encountered with your STEPHAN/H product, various solutions will be offered when the warranty applies.

If your product has a manufacturing defect, it will be repaired free of charge by the STEPHAN/H team. In the event that it is impossible to repair your product or that the costs of repair are higher than the value of your product, we will replace it.


Who do I contact for a question related to my claim?

For any request relative to the warranty or to follow up on a claim, contact STEPHAN/H customer service by e-mail at service@stephanh.com or by phone at 1-844-400-2585.


How much do repairs cost?

Each repair is assessed on a case-by-case basis. We will contact you to present you with the possibilities available to you.

If the repair is under warranty, there is no charge.

If the repair is not covered by the warranty, costs are applied. The cost then varies depending on the repair to be carried out, because the materials and time required to carry out the repair influence the price.


Are there shipping costs for products to be repaired?

There are no shipping costs when the repair of the product is under warranty. STEPHAN/H covers the costs incurred in this situation.

If the repair is excluded from the warranty, the shipping costs to send the products to STEPHAN/H are the responsibility of the customers. In return, STEPHAN/H assumes the costs incurred to return the repaired product to you.

Before sending us your STEPHAN/H product, wait until you have been authorized to do so. In addition, we recommend that you choose a carrier that will provide proof of delivery, as you are responsible for the package until it arrives in our workshop and STEPHAN/H acknowledges receipt.


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